WOW your audience from inside your presentation!

• One-click special effects on the go

• Do It Yourself, fully automated production

• Live broadcast and stream or join any Video meeting (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more)

Complete turnkey studio solution

  • Speed
    The speaker receives the finished video as soon as they finish shooting. Removal of the editing process reduces production time by 20-40%.
  • Low Cost
    No crew is required. The speaker controls the recording process themselves. The graphics are applied to the video in real-time.
  • Training
    minimal training is required for the solo operation of the studio. Extended technical support from Jalinga team. Regular software updates.
Наведите мышкой, чтобы узнать подробнее
Из чего состоит студия Jalinga
The right lecturer's screen
When the presenter looks there, they maintain eye contact with the objects in the presentation.
The left lecturer's screen
When the presenter looks there, they maintain eye contact with the objects in the presentation.
Allows the presenter interact with presentation objects and write while shooting
Light sources
Groups of light sources turn on and off automatically depending on the selected settings.
You can choose white or black to suit your needs .
Projects what the viewer sees on the lecturer's right screen.
Computer where the Jalinga Studio software is installed.
Displays a script for the speaker. This is where the camera is located.
Point the cursor to read more
Films the presenter
at eye level for perfect audience engagement

Manage the whole process

With Jalinga, you don't need a crew to shoot, edit and post-process.
The video will be ready as soon as you press the "stop" button.

Interactive features

Create video courses that engage and retain the attention of your clients, employees or students from the beginning to the end.
Make notes on the transparent touchscreen, draw, highlight objects, flip slides, and much more.
Open websites and maps. Show images and videos without interrupting recording.

We will start the filming process together

Our specialists provide you with full training to help you make the biggest impact

For each new partner, we provide access to the Jalinga training course.
We provide technical support for the entire license period
Examples of videos shot in Jalinga

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Here at Jalinga Studio I filmed an ad for my company. I really enjoyed it and it has been really fun and interactive! It's great seeing a new technology in action when it comes to video.
Pierre Coombes
Sales marketing expert
Our school slogan is "Learn easy!" and it is one of iur core value. In school we put all effort to provide such learning experience when students got entertained and learning materials are tailored for their needs. Jalinga studio is excellent solution where we produce our learning materials. In Jalinga studio we created over 500 video within different curriculum. We 100% recommend Jalinga studio!
Ivo Capins,
Deputy director
Amina Yonis
Bloger and educator
I filmed my brand new course at Jalinga Studio. It was super exciting to use Jalinga software which is absolutely amazing. It completely changed the way I will film and edit my videos in the future. It took me around 20 minutes to record what will normally take at least an hour. It's amazing, I can't wait to use Jalinga to shoot new videos soon!
We had a really great experience in Jalinga Studio. Their location is fantastic, really easy to get to. Jalinga crew has been really helpful to me, they helped me with the presentation before I came to the studio. I would definitely recommend Jalinga to people who are looking for an interactive way to do their webinars or courses.
Shahina Jafar
Studio type
Studio type
Equipment with the ability to record video at
60 fps
60 fps
85 inches
93 inches
9 sources
14 sources
Jalinga Core
Jalinga Pro
Subscription to Jalinga Premium app for 1 year
Assembling and setting up the studio
Glass touchboard
Extended technical support for 1 year
Jalinga Teleprompter*
"Smart Studio" — turn the studio on and off by one click
Lavalier mic
External sound card
There are 2 video studio configurations available — Jalinga Core, Jalinga Pro. Each package is designed for a different level of functionality tasks and budget. We will help you select the most suitable equipment to meet your needs and goals.

Test the studio personally

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